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     As reported in April 2017 edition of Reason, a baby born in LewisGale Medical Center in Salem, Virginia, died because Virginia bureaucrats refused to allow the facility to have a high-tech neo-natal intensive care unit. Virginia law, like Arkansas law, forbids building health care facilities unless the owner has been favored by bureaucrats to have a certificate of need. The law restricts how many hospitals may be built, same as laws restricting the number of liquor licenses or taxi medallions.

     As COVID-19 cases increase, and the Trump administration continues its bungling, existing hospitals may run out of beds. When that happens, it is not because of a shortage of money for new hospitals or new hospital buildings. Rather, it is because of an Arkansas law forbidding the construction of new hospitals and new wards unless the owner happens to be favored by bureaucrats with a certificate of need.

     Since this is an Arkansas state law, you may get in contact with the state senator and state representative elected where you live, and express how you feel about this Arekansas law. These are members of the Arkansas Legislature, which holds its sessions in Little Rock, and not members of the U.S. Congress.

Photoshopped fake for the purpose of satire. Download full size. This is how Trump supporters picture their president.

Text from the biography of Anthony S. Fauci, M.D.
Dr. Fauci was appointed director of NIAID in 1984. (...)

Dr. Fauci has advised six presidents on HIV/AIDS and many other domestic and global health issues. He was one of the principal architects of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), a program that has saved millions of lives throughout the developing world. (...)

In a 2019 analysis of Google Scholar citations, Dr. Fauci ranked as the 41st most highly cited researcher of all time. According to the Web of Science, he ranked 8th out of more than 2.2 million authors in the field of immunology by total citation count between 1980 and January 2019.​

Dr. Fauci has delivered major lectures all over the world and is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom (the highest honor given to a civilian by the President of the United States), the National Medal of Science, the George M. Kober Medal of the Association of American Physicians, the Mary Woodard Lasker Award for Public Service, the Albany Medical Center Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research, the Robert Koch Gold Medal, the Prince Mahidol Award, and the Canada Gairdner Global Health Award. He also has received 45 honorary doctoral degrees from universities in the United States and abroad.

Dr. Fauci is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society, as well as other professional societies including the American College of Physicians, the American Society for Clinical Investigation, the Association of American Physicians, the Infectious Diseases Society of America, the American Association of Immunologists, and the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. He serves on the editorial boards of many scientific journals; as an editor of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine; and as author, coauthor, or editor of more than 1,300 scientific publications, including several textbooks.

Listen to Dr. Fauci, not to Trump. If you are still a Trump supporter, now is the time to wake up and shut off your crazy switch. If you don’t like the Democrats, check out the other candidates. Don’t be surprised if the Republocrats in State legislatures prevent third parties from being named on the ballots. Campaign workers have to go around and collect signatures, which is illegal now.

This story is rapidly evolving. Any Dr. Fauci video we feature would quickly become outdated. One way to get up to date with straight talk from Dr. Fauci is to use the Youtube filter. Go to https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Dr.+Fauci and activate the filter, selecting Today.

Excuse for martial law

Always remember that the virus outbreak is no excuse for violating people’s rights.


Don’t let the coronavirus outbreak distract your attention away from the human rights violations that government officials in China are committing against the Uygher Muslims. Just a reminder.

The War on Walkers

Imagine finishing a 16-hour shift at the hand sanitizer factory, and as you are walking home, “starving,” you detour to the fast food place. The lobby is closed, but the drive-up window is still open. They refuse to serve you because you don’t have a car, and therefore you don’t matter. Expect more discrimination against walkers as restaurants offer take-out only.

Persons who don’t matter

You can file on line for unemployment, but the library is closed. You can go later, but then it’s too late. The bureaucrats will send the $1,200 bonus to last year’s bank account. Many people closed out their bank account since then. You’ll be able to file on line, but the library is closed. Persons without internet just don’t matter to bureaucrats. Since post offices are still open, they could make a paper form available to mail in, but why should they want to do that for persons who don’t matter? It is bad enough that they will be mailing out checks at the rate of 5,000,000 a week instead of paying everybody now. Folks who have that nasty habit of signing their names in ink on the back of a check and cashing the check, just don’t matter anymore to bureaucrats. They’ll just have to wait. That’s what they get for not entering into a contract with an internet service provider.


Have you ever noticed that the airlines are screaming to Congress for bail-outs because there will be fewer flights in April 2020 compared with April 2019, but the auto insurance companies are not complaining about all the profit they will make because there will be fewer car crashes in April 2020 compared with April 2019? Expect some politicians to welcome the coronavirus outbreak as an excuse to take more money from struggling families and give it to big businesses, such as airlines. Libertarian candidates, do check and see how your opponent votes on such things.

Just because the bureaucrats sent you some money doesn’t mean you should object any less to corporate welfare. Tell U.S. Senator John Boozman and U.S. Senator Tom Cotton, and the U.S. Representative who represents (or misrepresents) you, to end corporate welfare.

The right way to stockpile

Have you ever noticed that stocking up is prudent, stockpiling is bad and hoarding is terrible, but they all mean the same thing?

Even a pre-storm rush puts a strain on a retail system designed for just-in-time delivery. Often, a factory has a production line with a worker stacking cartons on a pallet. When the pallet is complete, a forklift driver removes it to a waiting trailer. It goes that day, to the distribution center of a retail chain, and they unload it, count it, sign for it and then load the cartons onto trailers bound for their stores. Sometimes, a production line will run for a few hours, and the product is brought to a warehouse where workers pick from it to fill orders for two weeks. The cost of setting up the production line is balanced against the need to produce a variety of stock-keeping units (SKU’s) while maintaining a minimum of inventory. It is up to you and me to maintain stockpiles for emergencies.

Under normal conditions, somebody could buy a tractor trailer load of hand sanitizer or toilet paper without putting a dent in availability. The factory would simply make more, to keep the supply “pipeline” filled. It is unfortunate that somebody who would invest a handsome sum on such a gamble would be punished for it when a disaster strikes.

In a way, we were quite lucky with this disaster. The factories are running, the power is on and the stores are open. The next disaster, there may be no warning, and whatever you have in your home, that is it.

Some people had all summer to stockpile toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and instead they spent the money taking trips to the beach. Other people never had a spare dime in their budget, due to rising rents, caused by zoning restrictions that prevent the construction of an abundance of new housing.

If you are saving for college or retirement, spend some of the money on emergency supplies from normal retail channels. If you lose your job, you can eat the canned food. The welfare office won’t ask about how well you are stocked. As the expiration dates approach, either use it up or donate it to your local food pantry.

If you are stocking up on pasta, buy spaghetti, which is much more compact than pasta in other forms. If subsequent customers have to settle for elbow macaroni or shells for tonight’s dinner, they’ll live.

Supermarkets and motels

If you work for a supermarket or motel, please pass this on to the boss. Motels are being hit hard and have vacant rooms. They need to install small washing machines. Add a microwave oven and refrigerator if it is not already in there. I say this because each supermarket employee has a unique family situation. For some, a motel room is the best option. When the worker tests positive and requires isolation, a motel room with an exterior door facing fresh air, (unlike a hotel room where the door faces a common hallway) will provide the perfect isolation. The employee, upon testing positive, will proceed to the motel and move in for two weeks. The room will need to be pre-stocked with food and other necessities. The sight of wet bed sheets hanging to dry will drive the patient to take a long walk outdoors, which is fresh air and exercise. Supermarket chains will need to make arrangements with local motels. As for the cost, the supermarkets are enjoying exceptional sales now, facing a crush of customers, and there is nothing wrong with increasing prices to reflect increased costs.

Supermarkets ought to prepare for a strong demand for money orders and stamps, as more customers will stroll into the joint to cash unemployment checks and paychecks from new jobs, before direct deposit kicks in. They cannot renew their car registration in person, so they have to mail in the payment. Starting today, when somebody cashes a check, you should ask, “Do you need any money orders?” This may increase if the U.S. Government starts mailing out four-figure checks and the customers are uneasy about carrying so much cash.

Businesses should also consider buying machinery similar to the farebox that accepts coins and displays the total. Folks could stock up on $1 coins at the bank and pay for their pizza delivery much more conveniently with $1 coins than with quarters; and coins are much easier to disinfect by immersion in a disinfectant than notes are.

39 Beatty Lane

Moore, Pennie Louise
Born: 18 January 1966 Voter ID number: 2803146

41 Beatty Lane

Robbins, Edward Ray
Born: 2 February 1961 Voter ID number: 3513336

Waits, Jennifer Kay
Born: 29 November 1981 Voter ID number: 703981

50 Beatty Lane

Smiddy, Joy L.
Born: 1 May 1962 Voter ID number: 4248152

Stonewalter, David Lynn
Born: 30 November 1959 Voter ID number: 2677966

70 Beatty Lane

Pearce, Julie L.
Born: 5 December 1970 Voter ID number: 2664502

115 Beatty Lane

Meredith, Emily F.
Born: 12 August 1981 Voter ID number: 2667335

Meredith, Shadd
Born: 2 May 1978 Voter ID number: 3514847

329 Center Chapel Road

Chastain, Casey Matthew
Born: 18 November 1968 Voter ID number: 2668927

Chastain, Megan Kristie
Born: 23 June 1995 Voter ID number: 3722255

Chastain, Nita Sue
Born: 10 December 1966 Voter ID number: 2668915

345 Center Chapel Road

Vazquez, Thomas Earl
Born: 10 September 1985 Voter ID number: 3588641

349 Center Chapel Road

Pulley, Cheryl Lynn
Born: 16 January 1971 Voter ID number: 2661739

350 Center Chapel Road

Seal, Fred K.
Born: 1 June 1939 Voter ID number: 2673164

Seal, Patricia D.
Born: 25 August 1943 Voter ID number: 2673163

389 Center Chapel Road

Gifford, Elizabeth Marie
Born: 14 September 1988 Voter ID number: 3207773

399 Center Chapel Road

Pulley, Michael Scot
Born: 15 September 1961 Voter ID number: 2662247

Pulley, Victoria Alise
Born: 1 November 1998 Voter ID number: 4051966

413 Center Chapel Road

Pulley, Annie Laura
Born: 21 November 1944 Voter ID number: 2865111

Pulley, Jimmy R.
Born: 26 May 1937 Voter ID number: 2865110

630 Center Chapel Road

Smith, Madison Lynn
Born: 11 November 1996 Voter ID number: 3891476

Smith, Margaret L.
Born: 28 August 1948 Voter ID number: 2658688

Smith, William V.
Born: 4 September 1943 Voter ID number: 2658187

640 Center Chapel Road

Southerland, Claudia M.
Born: 25 November 1935 Voter ID number: 2658071

Southerland, Lindell W.
Born: 17 October 1936 Voter ID number: 2658088

5965 Center Ridge Road

Payton, John R.
Born: 22 January 1967 Voter ID number: 2675303

Payton, Rhonda Carol
Born: 23 April 1966 Voter ID number: 2674916

5998 Center Ridge Road

Brown, Alicia Danielle
Born: 27 January 1989 Voter ID number: 3230618

Brown, Christopher Ryan
Born: 3 February 1985 Voter ID number: 3505978

Payton, Lindsey Raye
Born: 27 November 1994 Voter ID number: 3802323

6103 Center Ridge Road

Hershberger, Ambre L.
Born: 8 October 1987 Voter ID number: 3617842

Hershberger, Jeremiah Daniel
Born: 15 October 1987 Voter ID number: 3161353

6404 Center Ridge Road

Khoury, Nutosha Rochelle
Born: 14 July 1983 Voter ID number: 2667421

Peel, Larry Gene
Born: 29 August 1956 Voter ID number: 2679291

Peel, Ronda Rochelle
Born: 2 January 1959 Voter ID number: 2679290

6459 Center Ridge Road

Williams, Katline Marie
Born: 25 October 2000 Voter ID number: 4179308

6461 Center Ridge Road

Deckard, Shay Lee
Born: 24 December 1972 Voter ID number: 2660243

Patchell, Alan Scott
Born: 31 December 1999 Voter ID number: 4254045

Patchell, Ansley Lane
Born: 29 May 1998 Voter ID number: 3991715

6499 Center Ridge Road

Cline, Michael Joel
Born: 19 November 1967 Voter ID number: 1357231

6550 Center Ridge Road

Kubli, Jacobe Taylor
Born: 14 February 1994 Voter ID number: 3562764

Leigh, Dana L.
Born: 20 March 1967 Voter ID number: 2859462

Moore, Lawrence D.
Born: 13 September 1967 Voter ID number: 2680667

6950 Center Ridge Road

Belt, Anthony B.
Born: 29 July 1984 Voter ID number: 4007076

Belt, Rebekah Lynn
Born: 4 June 1984 Voter ID number: 2667846

Fitzpatrick, James Mathew
Born: 3 December 1964 Voter ID number: 2678603

Fitzpatrick, Sarah Dean
Born: 3 July 1980 Voter ID number: 2663336

Gronemyer, Michael Ray
Born: 6 December 1958 Voter ID number: 3193709

Hynum, Leonard Carver
Born: 3 August 1989 Voter ID number: 3510174

7050 Center Ridge Road

Knapp, David Matthew
Born: 5 June 1987 Voter ID number: 4142602

Knapp, Elizabeth Marie
Born: 2 February 1978 Voter ID number: 4221871

7100 Center Ridge Road

Knapp, Aletha Jo
Born: 1 January 1963 Voter ID number: 3211809

Knapp, Andrew
Born: 9 May 1952 Voter ID number: 3323520

Knapp, Andrew P.
Born: 7 June 1978 Voter ID number: 3784419

7149 Center Ridge Road

Knapp, Alford Junior
Born: 28 February 1951 Voter ID number: 2672597

Knapp, Alfred Charles
Born: 20 January 1980 Voter ID number: 4206173

Knapp, Virginia Jewell
Born: 3 August 1958 Voter ID number: 2674783

7150 Center Ridge Road

Bryant, Austin Garrett
Born: 22 April 1995 Voter ID number: 3906528

Garrard, Jordan N.
Born: 8 May 1995 Voter ID number: 3906193

7530 Center Ridge Road

Sewell, Marla Jill
Born: 1 February 1959 Voter ID number: 261886

7544 Center Ridge Road

Kent, Raymond Leon
Born: 16 February 1954 Voter ID number: 2676967

Kent, Wreathie L.
Born: 11 August 1948 Voter ID number: 4227523

7569 Center Ridge Road

Siler, Garry Glenn
Born: 28 November 1957 Voter ID number: 2676152

Siler, Karen M.
Born: 4 November 1960 Voter ID number: 2674198

Vaughan, Joanna N.
Born: 26 June 1985 Voter ID number: 2668514

7570 Center Ridge Road

Cox, Anita Karen
Born: 30 March 1956 Voter ID number: 2681227

Cox, Daniel Vernon
Born: 20 February 1951 Voter ID number: 2681128

7624 Center Ridge Road

Hayes, George Wiley
Born: 3 October 1938 Voter ID number: 4010581

7750 Center Ridge Road

Moorehead, Carlos E.
Born: 10 November 1929 Voter ID number: 2658055

7824 Center Ridge Road

Barbosa, Malea Reese
Born: 2 August 2001 Voter ID number: 4231938

Tharp, Brandon Lee
Born: 8 March 1999 Voter ID number: 4069377

7925 Center Ridge Road

Hansson, Andy Ingemar
Born: 20 April 2000 Voter ID number: 4134547

Hansson, Ingemar Olle
Born: 2 June 1967 Voter ID number: 3480064

Hansson, Kimberly Dawn
Born: 22 June 1966 Voter ID number: 3480069

7938 Center Ridge Road

Durham, Charles H.
Born: 3 December 1943 Voter ID number: 2785854

8070 Center Ridge Road

Marsh, Kimberly Dawn
Born: 26 October 1974 Voter ID number: 2667876

8094 Center Ridge Road

Marsh, Jim Dale
Born: 18 May 1950 Voter ID number: 2679131

8145 Center Ridge Road

Hartsfield, Kari Lynn
Born: 8 February 1997 Voter ID number: 3883857

Hartsfield, Karyl Ann
Born: 7 December 1969 Voter ID number: 2770881

Hartsfield, Thomas Wayne
Born: 18 April 1969 Voter ID number: 2814618

8150 Center Ridge Road

Hayes, Angela M.
Born: 26 March 1985 Voter ID number: 2668733

Hayes, Joshua L.
Born: 16 September 1984 Voter ID number: 3205002

8200 Center Ridge Road

Beck, Laura Kathrine
Born: 21 May 1998 Voter ID number: 3989752

Hayes, Melissa Jane
Born: 20 May 1961 Voter ID number: 2678612

Hayes, Sherrill Lynn
Born: 15 September 1956 Voter ID number: 2671648

8284 Center Ridge Road

Rowe, Chad M.
Born: 20 April 1989 Voter ID number: 3517391

Rowe, Stasha Nicole L
Born: 19 October 1989 Voter ID number: 3542327

49 Clint Lane

Brown, Daniel Clyde
Born: 6 September 1961 Voter ID number: 2675505

Brown, Freda M.
Born: 10 September 1958 Voter ID number: 2674535

51 Dry Mountain Road

Linderman, Cody James
Born: 11 November 1991 Voter ID number: 3754899

125 Dry Mountain Road

Heigle, Daniel Keith
Born: 24 January 1986 Voter ID number: 3445087

Heigle, Victoria Renee
Born: 20 January 1989 Voter ID number: 4062481

300 Dry Mountain Road

Jennings, John F.
Born: 4 August 1938 Voter ID number: 2680290

Jennings, Laverne
Born: 13 September 1939 Voter ID number: 2657056

325 Dry Mountain Road

Reckart, Sandra Lavern
Born: 12 May 1958 Voter ID number: 3344191

524 Dry Mountain Road

Dill, Claude Ray
Born: 9 October 1975 Voter ID number: 2677864

725 Dry Mountain Road

Dill, Diana Gaye
Born: 5 August 1974 Voter ID number: 2679639

755 Dry Mountain Road

Dill, Claude E.
Born: 3 November 1948 Voter ID number: 2658656

Dill, Virginia C.
Born: 5 July 1950 Voter ID number: 2659161

849 Dry Mountain Road

Linn, Archie Lee
Born: 7 August 1934 Voter ID number: 2671936

Linn, Emma
Born: 30 July 1932 Voter ID number: 2671940

250 Heritage Trail

Martin, Joyce E.
Born: 25 October 1940 Voter ID number: 2657931

600 Hidden Valley Road

Finch-Mccastlain, Alicia Ingalls
Born: 19 September 1958 Voter ID number: 1687349

Mccastlain, John Clay
Born: 20 December 1960 Voter ID number: 234812

644 Hidden Valley Road

Reeves, Carla
Born: 22 April 1959 Voter ID number: 4170824

Reeves, Gerald Alan
Born: 21 June 1956 Voter ID number: 3434020

650 Hidden Valley Road

Rodgers, Erica Janette
Born: 5 August 1997 Voter ID number: 3917134

Slayton, Jeremiah Todd
Born: 21 March 1977 Voter ID number: 2679875

794 Hidden Valley Road

Underwood, Barbara Marie
Born: 17 October 1939 Voter ID number: 2662669

Underwood, Joe E.
Born: 2 June 1939 Voter ID number: 2662670

949A Hidden Valley Road

Stowers, Douglas I.
Born: 10 November 1961 Voter ID number: 4156061

2240 Hiram Road

Johnson, Brenda
Born: 23 April 1962 Voter ID number: 2679151

Johnson, Brian Keith
Born: 8 September 1961 Voter ID number: 3496290

2245 Hiram Road

Dill, John Robert
Born: 6 July 1982 Voter ID number: 2666048

Dill, Kristina M.
Born: 30 June 1987 Voter ID number: 3723812

2560 Hiram Road

Abram, Clarence Verlon
Born: 28 April 1951 Voter ID number: 3445694

2580 Hiram Road

Abram, Clinton Taylor
Born: 13 September 1980 Voter ID number: 4182324

Owens, Carol Rial
Born: 10 December 1955 Voter ID number: 1944118

Owens, James Luke
Born: 9 November 1952 Voter ID number: 1944721

Owens, James Luke
Born: 13 July 1978 Voter ID number: 2672887

Owens, Vicki Lee
Born: 11 February 1977 Voter ID number: 2672671

2660 Hiram Road

Black, Rebecca Ann
Born: 31 March 1948 Voter ID number: 2672113

3049 Hiram Road

Hayes, Glen Homer
Born: 4 February 1953 Voter ID number: 2672939

Hayes, Linda S.
Born: 31 December 1953 Voter ID number: 2658802

3101 Hiram Road

Henessee, Johnie Eldon
Born: 5 July 1965 Voter ID number: 3596368

Henessee, Kristi Renee
Born: 31 October 1960 Voter ID number: 224956

3175 Hiram Road

Osborne, William Steve
Born: 18 December 1956 Voter ID number: 3948124

3200 Hiram Road

Head, Roger A.
Born: 26 December 1951 Voter ID number: 967027

Little, Kimberly Scott
Born: 21 July 1965 Voter ID number: 979799

3224 Hiram Road

Waggoner, Angel Dawn
Born: 4 April 1975 Voter ID number: 2659696

Waggoner, Stephen E.
Born: 24 August 1965 Voter ID number: 2918364

21 Knapp Cemetary Road

Knapp, Jesse Jack
Born: 18 September 1970 Voter ID number: 2681402

Knapp, Kevin A.
Born: 10 January 1979 Voter ID number: 2663455

Knapp, Zabrina Ann
Born: 14 October 1996 Voter ID number: 3883635

600 Knapp Cemetary Road

Chalk, Johnathon Ray
Born: 11 December 1993 Voter ID number: 3611916

699 Knapp Cemetary Road

Collins, Shannon Danielle
Born: 21 December 1984 Voter ID number: 2668585

Decker, Bobby Vincent
Born: 7 October 1965 Voter ID number: 3652633

50 Liberty House Road

Stormont, Bradley Lewis
Born: 17 February 1970 Voter ID number: 2678022

Stormont, Janet Gwen
Born: 4 April 1968 Voter ID number: 2678021

150 School Lane

Hill, Ivery Ann
Born: 12 October 1984 Voter ID number: 2667546

160 School Lane

Hill, Rosie Nell
Born: 11 February 1951 Voter ID number: 2680341

164 School Lane

Clowers, John Edward
Born: 18 October 1969 Voter ID number: 2660938

Clowers, Kendall Marie
Born: 23 January 2001 Voter ID number: 4210275

Clowers, Mary Elizabeth
Born: 15 September 1975 Voter ID number: 2677869

250 School Lane

Brown, Charles Levon
Born: 14 November 1958 Voter ID number: 3187529

300 School Lane

Vlahon, Monel L.
Born: 23 January 1970 Voter ID number: 2666964

521 School Lane

Hooten, Delbert L.
Born: 23 October 1966 Voter ID number: 2673666

580 School Lane

Brewster, Isaac Dean
Born: 18 January 1976 Voter ID number: 2677954

Brewster, Shirley Louise
Born: 12 April 1977 Voter ID number: 2663304

600 School Lane

Brewster, Billy D.
Born: 26 September 1956 Voter ID number: 2671830

Brewster, Carrie Allison
Born: 29 November 1984 Voter ID number: 2668818

Brewster, Susan Arlene
Born: 9 July 1955 Voter ID number: 2672143

170 Sco-Dee Road

Davis, Michael Gene
Born: 2 November 1987 Voter ID number: 3224195

Davis, Sara Elizabeth
Born: 2 June 1990 Voter ID number: 3320456

180 Sumac Lane

Warren, Ray Edward
Born: 6 December 1930 Voter ID number: 2667062

265 Sumac Lane

Garner, Britt Lynn
Born: 19 December 1972 Voter ID number: 2678856

Garner, Guy V.
Born: 13 September 1939 Voter ID number: 2673243

Garner, Ruby D.
Born: 11 June 1941 Voter ID number: 2673123

Garner, Stephanie Marie
Born: 19 February 1974 Voter ID number: 2678855

511 Sumac Lane

Hartsfield, Hope Kristen
Born: 14 September 1992 Voter ID number: 3487096

Hartsfield, Tyler Keith
Born: 6 April 1993 Voter ID number: 3573262

575 Sumac Lane

Turney, Julie Ann
Born: 23 December 1963 Voter ID number: 2673388

Turney, Terry P.
Born: 12 April 1957 Voter ID number: 2671616

586 Sumac Lane

McCord, Gail Katheryn
Born: 3 July 1948 Voter ID number: 2674765

592 Sumac Lane

Turley, Joyce H.
Born: 22 August 1945 Voter ID number: 2766190

594 Sumac Lane

Turley, Jeffery Don
Born: 23 October 1964 Voter ID number: 2680579

Turley, Teresa Gayle
Born: 2 October 1963 Voter ID number: 2665686

598 Sumac Lane

Turley, Bronson W.
Born: 19 April 1983 Voter ID number: 2667615

25 Taylor Lane

Swint, Vernon B.
Born: 25 May 1966 Voter ID number: 2674316

49 Taylor Lane

Gagne, Nathan Lee
Born: 28 October 1976 Voter ID number: 3563736

Swint, Carolyn Anne
Born: 25 July 1944 Voter ID number: 3324412

Swint, Larry L.
Born: 11 October 1937 Voter ID number: 2671555

65 Taylor Lane

Meredith, Amber N.
Born: 17 August 1982 Voter ID number: 2665496

Meredith, Pamela Dee
Born: 12 July 1959 Voter ID number: 2678025

69 Taylor Lane

Schrader, Donna M.
Born: 16 October 1963 Voter ID number: 2681076

Schrader, Kassandra Elise
Born: 17 November 1996 Voter ID number: 3872338

Schrader, Regan D.
Born: 24 May 1962 Voter ID number: 2681072

100 Trout Valley Road

Kuburich, Janice Louise
Born: 22 June 1956 Voter ID number: 778037

Kuburich, Ted Steven
Born: 17 October 1954 Voter ID number: 723758

149 Trout Valley Road

Gertsch, Alfred Joe
Born: 1 September 1954 Voter ID number: 1646407

Gertsch, Rebecca Lovett
Born: 29 April 1955 Voter ID number: 1651671

151 Trout Valley Road

Gertsch, Lisa Ann
Born: 27 March 1961 Voter ID number: 2705891

Gertsch, Michael Steven
Born: 1 June 1957 Voter ID number: 2705972

19 Tylar Road

Kennedy, Colby D.
Born: 1 December 1989 Voter ID number: 3264742

50 Tylar Road

Ball, Dorothy Pauline
Born: 7 May 1941 Voter ID number: 2661534

Ball, Doyle Eugene
Born: 16 April 1941 Voter ID number: 2661226

85 Tylar Road

Richey, Jerry Monroe
Born: 7 August 1949 Voter ID number: 2680105

Richey, Pamelia Diann
Born: 14 September 1959 Voter ID number: 2680022

110 Tylar Road

Parrish, Heather Elizabeth
Born: 26 May 1984 Voter ID number: 3646067

Parrish, Kevin Dale
Born: 2 June 1977 Voter ID number: 3646071

125 Tylar Road

White, Stephanie Lynne
Born: 28 September 1974 Voter ID number: 2669437

130 Tylar Road

Deese, Karen Malinda
Born: 9 September 1959 Voter ID number: 2670932

150 Tylar Road

Scott, Amanda G.
Born: 4 December 1984 Voter ID number: 3344630

Scott, Cathy A.
Born: 10 April 1951 Voter ID number: 2671193

Scott, Regan Robert
Born: 2 June 1975 Voter ID number: 3344627

210 Tylar Road

Neighbors, Tyler Edward
Born: 26 April 1997 Voter ID number: 3897438

275 Tylar Road

Glenn, William C.
Born: 27 December 1931 Voter ID number: 2658978

325 Tylar Road

Brewer, Michael Wayne
Born: 26 February 1973 Voter ID number: 3410068

Brewer, Shannon Denise
Born: 17 May 1974 Voter ID number: 3468310

376 Tylar Road

Gillespie, Denver D.
Born: 26 March 1953 Voter ID number: 2676128

Gillespie, Pamela C.
Born: 16 August 1953 Voter ID number: 2675801

449 Tylar Road

Harlan, Audrey Gail
Born: 16 January 1961 Voter ID number: 2673474

Minton, Christopher Ryan
Born: 18 March 1992 Voter ID number: 4025790

680 Tylar Road

Altom, Julia R.
Born: 2 September 1939 Voter ID number: 1363766

Lyons, John Matthew
Born: 16 March 1962 Voter ID number: 2723820

Seibs, Kailey Alison
Born: 27 December 1997 Voter ID number: 3974521

920 Tylar Road

Gullett, Davis Monroe
Born: 9 October 2001 Voter ID number: 4226074

Urfer, Tierenye Lynn
Born: 17 November 1996 Voter ID number: 4105285

3340 Tylar Road

Warden, Crystal E.
Born: 4 December 1987 Voter ID number: 3981881

Warden, Eddie Roy
Born: 10 July 1961 Voter ID number: 4000853

15 Vaughn Lane

Holbrook, Charles C.
Born: 6 December 1969 Voter ID number: 3946328

Holbrook, Victoria Lee
Born: 27 November 1981 Voter ID number: 2666836

19 Vaughn Lane

Decker, Sarah Amelia
Born: 24 May 1992 Voter ID number: 4095984

Knapp, Roxie Ann
Born: 11 March 1969 Voter ID number: 2677893

4375 Wilburn Road

Parker, Tony Curtis
Born: 31 July 1960 Voter ID number: 3446996

4414 Wilburn Road

Webb, Derrick R.
Born: 6 June 1992 Voter ID number: 4144337

4582 Wilburn Road

Arledge, Andrea Dawn
Born: 14 October 1983 Voter ID number: 2665880

4585 Wilburn Road

Shearer, Ina V.
Born: 24 October 1943 Voter ID number: 2676293

Shearer, Larry Dewayne
Born: 16 June 1972 Voter ID number: 2677318

Shearer, Lawrence Douglas
Born: 25 April 1942 Voter ID number: 2676294

4639 Wilburn Road

Mathews, Peyton Tanner
Born: 1 December 2000 Voter ID number: 4220870

Olivarri, Albert Glen
Born: 5 December 1989 Voter ID number: 4243962

Smith, Melissa Gail
Born: 17 October 1969 Voter ID number: 206243

Smith, Patricia J.
Born: 13 May 1943 Voter ID number: 2677685

4644 Wilburn Road

Taylor, Bryson Willis
Born: 26 November 1986 Voter ID number: 4010743

4744 Wilburn Road

Browning, Ricky Darrell
Born: 20 December 1967 Voter ID number: 4113414

Heffington, Kyle
Born: 2 September 1998 Voter ID number: 4021025

Ivy, Robert Anthony
Born: 30 June 1973 Voter ID number: 4056286

Renfro, Sean Martin
Born: 26 December 1980 Voter ID number: 3991730

4849 Wilburn Road

Higgs, Cheryl A.
Born: 21 October 1946 Voter ID number: 2659094

4865 Wilburn Road

Miller, William Keith
Born: 13 July 1966 Voter ID number: 2669056

4875 Wilburn Road

Sligh, Anita Gay
Born: 27 December 1959 Voter ID number: 3699223

5005 Wilburn Road

Ferguson, Joy Etta
Born: 17 June 1936 Voter ID number: 2674401

5064 Wilburn Road

Butler, V Jenell
Born: 3 June 1942 Voter ID number: 2668324

5199 Wilburn Road

Patterson, Cassondra Nichole
Born: 10 May 1987 Voter ID number: 2816144

5201 Wilburn Road

Hurst, Helen Juanita
Born: 16 February 1933 Voter ID number: 2663962

Owen, Jacqueline Sue
Born: 8 November 1960 Voter ID number: 3284591

5203 Wilburn Road

Patterson, Jessica R.
Born: 23 June 1979 Voter ID number: 4029915

5249 Wilburn Road

Reno, Julee Kathleen
Born: 18 November 1961 Voter ID number: 2660207

5599 Wilburn Road

Bailey, Amber Nicole
Born: 10 August 1992 Voter ID number: 3505426

Harris, Betty L.
Born: 7 January 1935 Voter ID number: 2658154

McCollum, Tyrdyon Marie
Born: 5 March 1993 Voter ID number: 3788944

5600 Wilburn Road

Phillips, Jeffrey Gage
Born: 8 August 2001 Voter ID number: 4230222

Phillips, Teresa Ann
Born: 21 December 1960 Voter ID number: 2679058

Phillips, Terry L.
Born: 1 September 1960 Voter ID number: 2673496

5724 Wilburn Road

Hernandez, Rwendy Desiree
Born: 22 December 2000 Voter ID number: 4191417

5729 Wilburn Road

Morris, Kimberly Shay
Born: 16 August 1977 Voter ID number: 2680215

Morris, Randall Clay
Born: 24 July 1972 Voter ID number: 2662571

5769 Wilburn Road

Armer, Casey Layne
Born: 15 June 1990 Voter ID number: 3392202

Armer, Nicholas Shane
Born: 20 June 1986 Voter ID number: 3995914

Hayes, Leasha A.
Born: 3 January 1962 Voter ID number: 2671217

Hayes, Ricky
Born: 10 September 1959 Voter ID number: 2671634

5774 Wilburn Road

Hayes, Edna R.
Born: 9 September 1940 Voter ID number: 2658991

Hayes, Lafelle L.
Born: 22 June 1936 Voter ID number: 2658990

5835 Wilburn Road

Collum, Kelly Lynn
Born: 24 May 1983 Voter ID number: 1250253

Sturch, James Brian
Born: 10 March 1966 Voter ID number: 2668217

Sturch, Patricia Anne
Born: 27 August 1970 Voter ID number: 2669265

5840 Wilburn Road

Hayes, Danita Lynn
Born: 13 October 1964 Voter ID number: 2674536

Hayes, David A.
Born: 14 June 1963 Voter ID number: 2674422

Hayes, Elizabeth Michelle
Born: 27 June 1991 Voter ID number: 3426099

5860 Wilburn Road

Adcock, Kevin R.
Born: 12 June 1986 Voter ID number: 2815560

Adcock, Nina May
Born: 8 June 1974 Voter ID number: 1217911

Maxie, Linda Bernice
Born: 21 December 1942 Voter ID number: 1222451

5910 Wilburn Road

Fulbright, Cherry Lynn
Born: 18 April 1972 Voter ID number: 2678705

Hayes, Sonya Ann
Born: 12 January 1972 Voter ID number: 4068479

Stowell-Felton, Rhianna Morrigan
Born: 16 April 1997 Voter ID number: 3979776

5914 Wilburn Road

Hays, Joan F.
Born: 6 August 1923 Voter ID number: 2674177

Schneider, Frank David
Born: 7 September 1951 Voter ID number: 2661654

Schneider, Lila Mae
Born: 2 April 1953 Voter ID number: 2660464

5972 Wilburn Road

Dickerson, Donysia Christine
Born: 12 December 1993 Voter ID number: 3554474

5974 Wilburn Road

Hayes, Linda L.
Born: 4 August 1949 Voter ID number: 2674118

Hayes, Steve A.
Born: 13 May 1947 Voter ID number: 2676045

5978 Wilburn Road

Greene, Kara Lynette
Born: 22 October 1976 Voter ID number: 3499789

6065 Wilburn Road

Sturch, Teresa Marie
Born: 9 July 1970 Voter ID number: 2676773

6139 Wilburn Road

Moorehead, Donna Faye
Born: 30 September 1955 Voter ID number: 2675852

6145 Wilburn Road

Moorehead, Donald Eugene
Born: 9 August 1967 Voter ID number: 2676319

6214 Wilburn Road

Sturch, Carrie A.
Born: 30 September 1971 Voter ID number: 2661617

Sturch, Tanna E.
Born: 7 August 1998 Voter ID number: 4009927

6216 Wilburn Road

Sturch, Timothy Dale
Born: 27 July 1967 Voter ID number: 2670373

6220 Wilburn Road

Lacy, Cameron James
Born: 10 November 2000 Voter ID number: 4187286

Lacy, Nellie
Born: 24 October 1939 Voter ID number: 2658869

6245 Wilburn Road

Wieghmink, Betty S.
Born: 29 September 1949 Voter ID number: 2669998

Wieghmink, Wesley Lloyd
Born: 2 October 1942 Voter ID number: 2668639

6250 Wilburn Road

Ratton, Caitlyn Carol
Born: 1 February 1999 Voter ID number: 4065259

Ratton, Chandler Lynn
Born: 1 March 1994 Voter ID number: 3564043

Ratton, Raymond Lynn
Born: 26 September 1967 Voter ID number: 2666073

6254 Wilburn Road

Miles, Braxton Clayton
Born: 13 September 1998 Voter ID number: 4027393

6280 Wilburn Road

Barkley, Thomas S.
Born: 21 October 1939 Voter ID number: 3486897

6289 Wilburn Road

Hays, Betty Jewel
Born: 3 January 1948 Voter ID number: 3653492

Hays, Kenneth Wayne
Born: 20 April 1947 Voter ID number: 3653496

6324 Wilburn Road

Osborne, Beverly Nicole
Born: 28 March 1990 Voter ID number: 3303891

6329 Wilburn Road

Haile, Adam Keith
Born: 13 March 1986 Voter ID number: 3254152

6330 Wilburn Road

Swindle, Freddie L.
Born: 19 June 1949 Voter ID number: 3803798

6340 Wilburn Road

Hagar, Bertha Lee
Born: 5 May 1939 Voter ID number: 2662453

6544 Wilburn Road

Mayhue, Rita Jo
Born: 30 March 1956 Voter ID number: 2661377

6564 Wilburn Road

Davis, Curtis Aaron
Born: 14 July 1974 Voter ID number: 1291449

Davis, Shelly Rae
Born: 27 October 1973 Voter ID number: 2669153

Williams, Amanda Michelle
Born: 16 September 1985 Voter ID number: 3188366

6628 Wilburn Road

Martin, Tracy Renee
Born: 8 February 1967 Voter ID number: 2805526

6700 Wilburn Road

Martin, Virgil Lee Florida
Born: 7 June 1987 Voter ID number: 3800511

6704 Wilburn Road

Florida, Mary Alice
Born: 6 October 1937 Voter ID number: 2659069

Martin, Tammy Lynn
Born: 1 December 1959 Voter ID number: 2671642

6819 Wilburn Road

Lyda, Jervil
Born: 11 June 1940 Voter ID number: 2666620

6828 Wilburn Road

Martin, Jimmy D.
Born: 8 November 1962 Voter ID number: 3542468

Martin, Nathaneal Dwain
Born: 24 January 2002 Voter ID number: 4247414

6879 Wilburn Road

Estrello, Theresa Mae
Born: 12 May 1958 Voter ID number: 3418148

6904 Wilburn Road

Gallegly, Ferdie
Born: 1 December 1947 Voter ID number: 2658788

Gallegly, Reta L.
Born: 27 April 1954 Voter ID number: 2658897

6909 Wilburn Road

Cox, Jonathan Louis
Born: 23 January 1985 Voter ID number: 4067384

Cox, Katherine C.
Born: 15 December 1962 Voter ID number: 3926219

Cox, Timothy Clyde
Born: 9 September 1959 Voter ID number: 3926221

6968 Wilburn Road

Hillhouse, Jimmie Renee
Born: 3 June 1972 Voter ID number: 2799656

Hillhouse, Robert
Born: 19 July 1964 Voter ID number: 3615640

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