Registered voters in Arkansas ZIP Code 72636

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57 Church Street

Mortvedt, Mitchel L.
Born: 18 April 1955 Voter ID number: 867674

Born: 9 May 1937 Voter ID number: 3845946

69 Church Street

Allen, Carolyn Sue
Born: 18 June 1961 Voter ID number: 2855541

Born: 19 September 1957 Voter ID number: 2855073

77 Church Street

Shelnutt, Patricia Diane
Born: 29 September 1958 Voter ID number: 3823118

13 Frost Street

Fruehauf, Ben F.
Born: 18 May 1958 Voter ID number: 867240

Born: 15 August 1990 Voter ID number: 3335407
Born: 18 November 1993 Voter ID number: 3606992

22 Frost Street

Allen, Kelly Christine
Born: 27 January 1967 Voter ID number: 177280

36 Frost Street

Clontz, Dawn
Born: 9 January 1955 Voter ID number: 2559308

49 Frost Street

Slinkard, Rodney Dee
Born: 13 December 1958 Voter ID number: 974445

50 Frost Street

Timby, David William
Born: 12 May 1949 Voter ID number: 868469

Born: 20 February 1953 Voter ID number: 3151381

69 Frost Street

Hutchinson, David S.
Born: 11 April 1955 Voter ID number: 868946

79 Frost Street

Clontz, Jim H.
Born: 21 February 1952 Voter ID number: 871981

81 Frost Street

Clontz, Ruth Marie
Born: 22 August 1984 Voter ID number: 4153417

6 Main Street

Baker, Bonnie Jean
Born: 17 October 1934 Voter ID number: 180879

8 Main Street

Baker, William B.
Born: 24 August 1954 Voter ID number: 835257

30 Main Street

Weidman, Eric William
Born: 22 January 1988 Voter ID number: 4124210

307 Resting Drive

Bing, Michael Robert
Born: 29 July 1961 Voter ID number: 4008271

127 River Rest Road

Nagyiski, Brittany Gayle
Born: 6 April 1993 Voter ID number: 3531072

203 River Rest Road

Corneau, David Charles
Born: 22 October 1943 Voter ID number: 871258

Born: 16 August 1943 Voter ID number: 871948

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