Registered Voters along Motley Road in Bentonville, Arkansas 72713
Including some ex-residents, to help you find them now.

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3464 Motley Road

Johnson, Christopher Allan
Born: 2 October 1980 Voter ID number: 53521

Johnson, Nicole Ryan
Born: 2 May 1983 Voter ID number: 3415947

12815 Motley Road

Paulsen, Betty L.
Born: 22 July 1932 Voter ID number: 36942

12895 Motley Road

Taylor, Jennifer Ann
Born: 5 July 1962 Voter ID number: 15639

Taylor, Tommy Glenn
Born: 4 February 1957 Voter ID number: 3370803

13691 Motley Road

McCann, Lester Lee Allen
Born: 20 August 1958 Voter ID number: 23494

13802 Motley Road

Ginn, Eva N.
Born: 13 December 1969 Voter ID number: 91922

Ginn, Robert Eugene
Born: 10 November 1969 Voter ID number: 112093

13803 Motley Road

Mauldin, Nicholas Carter
Born: 25 May 1984 Voter ID number: 3300756

Mauldin, Rachel Erin
Born: 11 October 1981 Voter ID number: 3347413

13811 Motley Road

Mauldin, Kimberly Jean
Born: 22 September 1961 Voter ID number: 9482

Mauldin, Mark Carter
Born: 28 June 1959 Voter ID number: 3205600

13815 Motley Road

Stewart, Ashley Lynn
Born: 14 November 1987 Voter ID number: 3178731

Stewart, Joshua Dustin
Born: 29 April 1980 Voter ID number: 50705

13819 Motley Road

Davis, David Allen
Born: 16 December 1959 Voter ID number: 9185

Davis, Donna Lucile
Born: 7 March 1960 Voter ID number: 8456

Harrell, Martha J.
Born: 11 February 1936 Voter ID number: 117859

13850 Motley Road

Arnold, Jill Marie
Born: 11 February 1974 Voter ID number: 3759697

Slusher, Zachery Nathaniel
Born: 28 May 1982 Voter ID number: 57181

13884 Motley Road

Herrington, Anna Grace
Born: 22 June 1993 Voter ID number: 4067788

Herrington, Joseph Carl
Born: 23 October 1992 Voter ID number: 3481620

13992 Motley Road

Hawkins, Jerry
Born: 11 March 1973 Voter ID number: 4294387

Fed up with the Republican Party? The good news is that there is a Libertarian Party. The bad news for some of you is, the Libertarians want the United States of America to become a free country, with liberty and justice for all. That is the worst nightmare of many Republocrats, so they make it hard for Libertarians to get listed on ballots and included in debates.

Pro-Life? No problem. Pro-Life Congressman Ron Paul, M.D., OB/GYN was the Libertarian nominee for POTUS in 1988. Hint: Review the chessboard for libertarian moves such as making Arkansas a safe haven for pregnant Papa Don’t Preach runaways from out of State. Stop forcing people to buy insurance that covers abortions.

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