Jake R. Pickens

Born: 22 July 1933
501 W 10th Street, Danville, Yell County, Arkansas 72833
Arkansas voter ID number: 2749504
This is the most recent information, as of 1 December 2020

18 February 2020 Mr Pickens, Jake R. Born: 22 July 1933 Address: 501 W 10th Street, Danville, Yell County, Arkansas 72833 Party: O (Optional) Status: A (Active)
24 September 2019 Mr Pickens, Jake R. Born: 22 July 1933 Address: 10928 Blue Ball Road, Gravelly, Yell County, Arkansas 72838 Party: O (Optional) Status: I (Inactive) Status Reason: OYM (Odd Year Mailing)
14 April 2017 Mr Pickens, Jake R. Born: 22 July 1933 Address: 10928 Blue Ball Road, Gravelly, Yell County, Arkansas 72838 Party: O (Optional) Status: A (Active) Status Reason: ANP (No Valid Precinct Sp)
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The most recent address of this voter is in the territory of the following elected officials as of 26 January 2021.

Get in contact with a local Congressional office for casework assistance if you need help dealing with a federal agency such as Immigration, Social Security or Veterans Administration. Just don’t think you owe your vote to a member whose staff helped you with a problem Congress created. For casework assistance, you should only contact one member’s office. Bitch to all three about unjust federal laws. Some Members of Congress use telephone answering systems that refuse to direct the call to a person unless the caller selects menu options or babbles to a robot. They do this to degrade and humiliate citizens. Be firm. If they won’t answer their telephone, let them deal with an irate constituent in their office. Vote accordingly. (Due to security procedures, mail to Congressional offices may get delayed. Your letter may arrive there, after the critical vote. You are better off using faster methods of communication.)

Would somebody please tell that brain-dead ignoramus to install a downloadable official portrait on his Congressional website.
United States Senator John Boozman
Telephone: 1-202-224-4843

For casework assistance contact one of his offices.

United States Senator Tom Cotton
For casework assistance, casework@cotton.senate.gov
Telephone: 1-870-864-8582

United States Representative Bruce Westerman
Fourth Congressional District of Arkansas

Governor Asa Hutchinson
State Capitol Room 250
500 Woodlane Ave.
Little Rock, AR 72201

Telephone: 1-501-682-2345

Arkansas also has a Lieutenant Governor. His name is Tim Griffin. You would never know it by visiting the State of Arkansas website unless you already knew exactly what to look for. The searchbox for elected officials does not display the lieutenant governor. Also, would somebody please tell that brain-dead ignoramus to put an official portrait on the website of the lieutenant governor.

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge

Telephone: 1-501-682-2007
Telephone: 1-800-482-8982

Bitch to the Office of the Attorney General about police brutality and racial profiling. You can also file a consumer complaint in English online or Spanish (.pdf) on paper.

United States Senators are members of the United States Senate. United States Representatives are members of the United States House of Representatives. The United States Congress consists of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives, and they hold their sessions in the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Arkansas State Senators are members of the Arkansas Senate. Arkansas State Representatives are members of the Arkansas House of Representatives. In Arkansas, the state legislature is the Arkansas General Assembly, which consists of the Arkansas Senate and the Arkansas House of Representatives. They hold their sessions in the State Capitol in Little Rock.

This explanation is necessary because of the many clods who think state representatives represent the State.

Bitch to members of the General Assembly about unjust Arkansas state laws, such as the drinking age; and tell them to overrule blatantly unjust local laws, such as zoning restrictions, by State law.

State Senator Gary Stubblefield
Senate District 6

State Representative Mary Bentley
House District 73
1 December 2020
County Yell
VoterID 2749504
date_of_birth 07/22/1933
date_of_registration 02/11/1966
PrecinctName 06 - Danville
PrecinctDesignationCode 06
PrecinctPartName 06-13
PrecinctPartDesignationCode 13
date_of_party_affiliation 03/20/2006
CongressionalDistrict 004
StateSenateDistrict 006
StateRepresentativeDistrict 073
CourtOfAppealsDistrict 004
JudicialDistrict 15
DistrictCourtDistrict 84-2
JusticeOfThePeaceDistrict 03
SchoolDistrict 054
SchoolDistrictZone 054-5
DateLastVoted 11/04/2014
Primary2010 49052
Primary2010CountyVotedIn 75
Primary2010PartyVoted D
Primary2010HowVoted E
PrimaryRunoff2010 49092
PrimaryRunoff2010CountyVotedIn 75
PrimaryRunoff2010PartyVoted O
PrimaryRunoff2010HowVoted E
General2010 49118
General2010CountyVotedIn 75
General2010HowVoted E
Primary2012 49616
Primary2012CountyVotedIn 75
Primary2012PartyVoted D
Primary2012HowVoted E
General2012 49744
General2012CountyVotedIn 75
General2012HowVoted E
Primary2014 50098
Primary2014CountyVotedIn 75
Primary2014PartyVoted D
Primary2014HowVoted E
General2014 50222
General2014CountyVotedIn 75
General2014HowVoted E

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